Atlas Spray Wash Cabinet, 550 lb., 50-Gallon Capacity (Prepaid Freight)

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Features & Benefits: 

  • 50 Gallon Tank
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Uses only soap and water. No harmful solvents or tanks required
  • Casters provide mobility
  • Parts basket and tree
  • Heavy duty pump
  • Timer with auto shut-off
  • Front loading design
  • Cleans small and large parts
  • Oil skimmer
  • Accommodates engine crane loading
  • Turntable rotates at 3 rpm
  • 3/16" vents spray solution at 30-60 gpm
  • Solution is filtered and recycled
  • 1,000 lb. load capacity
  • Shipping weight: 750 lbs.
  • One Year Parts Warranty

The SWC-500 Spray Wash Cabinet is the ideal parts washer for any automotive repair shop. The 1,000 lb. capacity turntable is strong enough for any size auto or light truck engine. The cut-away sides under the door allow you to wheel your engine crane right over the table for easy loading and unloading. 19 high pressure spray jets quickly clean the greasiest engine components whether they are on the turntable, hanging from the parts tree or in the standard parts basket. The 60 minute timer means the washer can be left unsupervised so your mechanic can go on to the next job while the washer is running. When he gets back the parts are clean and dry within seconds of unloading. The parts washer requires no harmful solvents using only hot water and biodegradable detergents for an environmentally safe operation. The standard stainless steel skimming disc extends the life of your cleaning solution. 

The SWC-500 Spray Wash Cabinet incorporates maximum performance, durability and ease of use meet today's demands for complex cleaning. By using an octagonal, full-opening door, more than 55% of the turntable is exposed, allowing operators enhanced loading capabilities. The heavy-duty, 12 gauge steel cabinet was strengthened for greater durability, then we coated it with an industrial two-step primer and polyurethane finish to provide years of protection. The SWC-500 Spray Wash Cabinet also features simple operating controls, stainless-steel nozzles, a large 70-gpm pump and a gasket-free door. Add up all of these features and you have a spray-wash system that can do more than clean parts, it can brighten your future. 

Warranty:  1 year parts warranty; parts only material and workmanship.

Atlas Spray Wash Cabinet, 550 lb., 50-Gallon Capacity (Prepaid Freight)


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