Fixed Two-Point Scriber

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Features and Benefits:

  • Two point design with one straight scriber and one 90 degree bend scriber
  • Great for marking and etching, lifting O-rings and gaskets, and cleaning small grooves
  • Knurled body provides excellent grip
  • Points are made from hardened and ground steel
  • The Fixed Two-Point Scriber provides multi-faceted scribing solutions for machinists, mechanics and sheet metal workers. The double-ended design features one straight and one 90 degree-Point, offering a full range of both conventional and unconventional applications. Use the straight-Point to mark bend lines for an air conditioning duct, or flip the tool around and use the 90 degree bend to remove an O-ring from a-Piece of equipment.

Fixed Two-Point Scriber

Warranty Info:

2 yr warranty on material and workmanship


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