Relay Fuse Buddy

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Relay Fuse Buddy

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Features and Benefits:

  • Relay Fuse Buddy acts as a convenient relay bypass switch - controls power downstream of relay
  • Displays live circuit current - 20 Amps continuous - 30 Amps momentary
  • Is it a circuit problem or a relay problem? Relay Fuse Buddy can help diagnose the case
  • Turn on and off DC motors, fuel injectors, fuel pumps and see the amp draw
  • No amp probes or clamp meters required - includes adapters for 6 different relays
  • Thisis a special version of Fuse Buddy with a relay bypass switch built-in.Plus,Relay Fuse Buddy displays live circuit amperage during all testing.  Youremove the relay from the fuse panel and plug in Relay Fuse Buddy. Younow have on/off control of the circuit power, downstream of the relay.  Bypasscapability helps to troubleshoot fuel pumps, fuel injectors, DC motors &inoperable components. What is the advantage over the competition?  THERE IS NOAMP PROBE OR CLAMP METER REQUIRED!!!IPA tools 9038A kit requires the addition of an amp probe orclamp meter.  So, around $150 to $200 in extra equipment is needed. Total of at least $225+ in outlay.Here, you have the relay bypass, plus amperage readout, for$125.00 list price.All in one multi-function test kit, no extra tools required.

Relay Fuse Buddy


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