12 Volt Lithium Jump Starter, 450 Start Assist Amp


12 Volt Lithium Jump Starter, 450 Start Assist Amp

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12 Volt Lithium Jump Starter, 450 Start Assist Amp

Features and Benefits:

  • Rated to Start 8.0 Liter Gas and 6.0L Diesel Engines
  • Fast USB-C Recharging with QC3.0 Charger
  • 24 Inch Long #6 AWG Cables
  • Dual USB Outputs (2.4A, 1.0A)
  • Able to start totally dead (0.0V) batteries
  • Model JNC325 is a lightweight, lithium 12 Volt Jump Starter that delivers exceptional power and performance. With rugged cables and clamps, the JNC325 delivers 450 Start Assist Amps – enough to start most V8 vehicles. It also features an override function that allows the unit to be effective in starting even batteries with zero volts state of charge. In addition to being a jump starter, the unit features 2 USB Ports (5V2.4A, 5V1.0A) to charge small electronics, such as your phone or tablet. It also features a DC outlet to power accessories or enable the unit to be used as a memory saver (with the included female 12V adapter). The JNC325 also features numerous safety features, such as Reverse Polarity Protection, Short-Circuit Protection and Over-Voltage Protection. One of its best features is the LED Flashlight. Never worry about getting stranded in the dark and hopelessly searching for the proper battery connections. The JNC325 includes an output cable set, wall charger (QC3.0) with charging cable (USB-C), female 12V adapter with pin jack connector and repair service
    coupon in a convenient storage pouch.

Full Specifications
Weight 4.000000
Brand Clore Automotive

Warranty Info:

1 yr warranty on material and workmanship


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