Power Probe Diagnostic Pack with PPH1, PPKIT03 and PPCT

By Power Probe Item #: PPRDP1

Features and Benefits:

  • Includes the HOOK Diagnostic Circuit Tester
  • Includes The Master Kit
  • Includes The Continuity Tester
  • Combined for the ultimate circuit testing combination
  • Great for electrical circuit testing and diagnostics

The Power Probe Diagnostic Pack includes the three products every technician needs for answering their everyday electrical diagnostic needs. The HOOK is a High Impedance Diagnostic circuit tester including high end DVOM capabilities and advanced diagnostic modes. The Power Probe Master KIT includes a complete PPLS01, ECT2000 Kit and PP319FTC Kit. This is the Master Technicians’ Choice. The PPCT emits two distinct tones, enabling you to differentiate between circuits above 10 ohms or below 10 ohms. The PPCT also emits a warble tone when it detects voltage.

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1 yr warranty on material and workmanship


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