X431 Throttle; Comprehensive Diagnostic Equipment

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X431 Throttle; Comprehensive Diagnostic Equipment

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Features and Benefits:

  • whole new industrial design,with rubber sheath on the four corners on the product to protect from collisions, ip65 rated 65 Rated
  • Android7.1 custom system,Qualcomm 8 core processor, 10.1 inch capacitive touchscreen
  • upgraded camera , Front 8 million pixels, Rear 13 million Pixels
  • Fifth generation Wi Fi technology, Four times higher than theoretical rate of previous generation
  • Wide coverage of vehicles, strong diagnosis functions support remote diagnosis,read and clear DTCs,Data Streams, Actuation Test
  • X431 Throttle is the newly developed high-end comprehensive diagnostic equipment with charging base based on the Android 7.1 system, supports dual 5GHZ WIFI communication, has a wide coverage of models, strong diagnostic capabilities, accurate detection data and other characteristics. And the equipment protection level is IP65.

X431 Throttle; Comprehensive Diagnostic Equipment


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