About Us

Toolweb.com is powered by Integrated Supply Network. Over the course of the last 25 years, we have developed a core competency around keeping things simple and making work easier for our customers. We process and deliver truckloads of boxes filled with customized orders anywhere in the U.S. and internationally within 24 hours. That ability to make doing business easy requires sophisticated logistics, proprietary technology, strategically placed warehouses, and unique systems built from experience. But, the nuclear power plant behind the Big Box is an extraordinary team of people who are dedicated to product and distribution excellence and absolutely GROWING our customers businesses.

With over 100,000 professional automotive products from 400 top manufacturers, ISN is seen as 'The Resource' for automotive tools and equipment. Our knowledgeable, trained and experienced teams provide ISN customers with personalized sales and marketing support. ISN also offers an experienced multi-lingual export team that helps to simplify our customers international purchasing and shipping challenges. ISN interacts closely with its customers and continuously expands its offerings to meet the changes of a dynamic marketplace. By bringing together a dedicated and winning combination of product, experience and processes, ISN is considered the leader of wholesale tool and equipment distributors.

Why should you do business with ISN?

Our customers have access to the broadest and deepest inventory of professional tools with delivery available in less than 24-hours to some 85% of the U.S. and Canada. That alone is fertile ground for growth, but we don’t stop there. At ISN, our customers also have access to:

  • "Best in Class" marketing materials
  • PDF Flyer Builder
  • Cutting edge e-commerce capabilities
  • Text messaging for product pricing and availability
  • World class regional and national trade shows
  • 24/7/365 online pricing, order entry and inventory availability
  • XML/EDI/AS2 connectivity
  • Same day shipping up to 3 pm
  • Sophisticated Business Intelligence (BI) tools
  • Quality assurance and reverse logistics
  • Training Services for dealers and end users
  • Financing Services for dealers, technicians, and shop owners

What sets ISN boldly apart from a highly competitive field is its unique GROWTH factor! And not just ours but, more importantly, our customers. It’s organic growth that results from the summation of adding lots of good people to the equivalent of an algebraic formula representing ISN’s proprietary systems and continuous innovation. It is the combination of these two factors overlaid with an authentic drive to serve the ISN customer. The sum of these three factors creates advantages for our customers like:

  • Awesome product and brand availability
  • Access to industry and tool topic experts
  • Unmatched depth of inventory
  • Quality guarantee supported with ease of return policy
  • Immediate credits
  • Everyday fair price

It’s advantages like these that become the seeds of growth for our customers. And there are more resources being developed every day. Not just resources to sell more tools, but business and marketing tools to help stimulate your company’s growth and profitability.

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