Atlas Automotive Equipment 2-POST LIFT LAWNMOWER ADAPTER


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Atlas Automotive Equipment 2-POST LIFT LAWNMOWER ADAPTER

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Atlas Automotive Equipment 2-POST LIFT LAWNMOWER ADAPTER

Features & Benefits:

  • "Lawnmower" Adapter for 2-Post Lifts
  • Adjustable to fit a variety of sizes and brands (MAY NOT WORK WITH ALL LIFTS)
  • Up to 5,000 lb. capacity (WILL VARY BY LIFT AND WHEEL BASE)
  • Can be positioned along the length of the lift arms (LEVELING BLOCKS MAY BE REQUIRED)
  • This part number FREIGHT PREPAID

The Atlas® LMA is designed to work with most two post above ground lifts with symmetric arms. There are many factors that will determine the SAFE weight capacity of the Atlas® LMA on YOUR lift. Many above ground two post lifts are OVERRATED. Your 9,000 LB or 10,000 LB two post may be (in reality) only an 8,000 LB. two post lift. That REAL 8,000 LB capacity translates into four lift arms that are capable of lifting (and safely supporting) 2,000 LB. each. If you are lifting an 8,000 LB. vehicle on an 8,000 LB. lift, then the weight of the vehicle needs to be evenly distributed on each of the four lifting arms.

This same principle is applied when using the Atlas® LMA as an accessory on your lift, YOU MUST distribute the weight as evenly as possible. First, consider the weight of the LMA (600 LB) and deduct that from the lifting capacity of your lift. Your 8,000 LB. lift (with a properly positioned LMA) has a new lifting capacity of 7400 LB. Second, the closer the LMA plate is positioned to the vertical columns, the greater the lifting capacity of the LMA. As the LMA adapter plates are moved farther apart (toward the end of the arm), the lifting capacity of the LMA is reduced.

You should DEDUCT 3,000 LB. capacity from your lift when the two LMA plates are spaced farthest apart (90"). When the LMA plates are positioned near the columns, then the weight capacity of the lift with the LMA installed should be DECREASED by 2,000 LB. If you are using an 8,000 LB. two post lift, and you have the wheelbase dimensions set at 32", then the NEW lifting capacity of the lift would be 5,400 LB. If you position the LMA plates so that the wheelbase is 90", then the NEW lifting capacity would be 4,400 LB.

Balance is also important when using the LMA. If you are lifting a mower (or other vehicle) that is extremely heavy on one end, then you should position the LMA plate supporting the "heavy" end close to the column and extend the opposite LMA plate (supporting the "lighter" end) further out on the arm to accommodate the necessary wheelbase.

The Atlas® LMA Specifications (VARY BY LIFT AND WHEELBASE):

  • Capacity: Up to 5,000 lbs
  • Adjusts in Width: 8' to 11'
  • Wheel Base: 32" to 90"
  • Wheel Well Width: 12"
  • Thickness of Steel: 3/16"
  • Shipping Weight: 600 lbs.
  • Will fit lift arms up to 5 1/2" wide

Full Specifications
Weight 600.000000
Brand Atlas Automotive Equipment
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