Knipex 59 in. Tether Lanyard

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Knipex 59 in. Tether Lanyard

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Features & Benefits:

  • The lanyard is made of gathered fabric tape that expands a length just under 5’ when under strain
  • Provides for a large working radius
  • For use only with the KNIPEX Tool Tethering system
  • Not designed to work or be compatible with other tool tethering systems
  • One end consist of durable cord for securing directly to tool tether attachment point on the KNIPEX tool and other end consist of sewn fabric loop for securing to belt or harness
  • Not a PPE device - not for human support
  • Maximum tool load on lanyard is 3.3 lbs
  • Inspect for wear before use and do not use if wear is apparent
Knipex 59 in. Tether Lanyard

Warranty Info:

Lifetime warranty does not cover abuse


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