Knipex 6 in. Needle-Nose Combo Pliers

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Knipex 6 in. Needle-Nose Combo Pliers

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Features and Benefits:

  • Slim head design and pointed, anti-twist jaws are perfect for working in tough, confined places
  • Includes a special convex contour on one jaw making gripping flat parts extremely secure
  • Milled groove in the gripping area permits small parts such as nails, pins and bolts to be held and pulled with out slipping
  • Special hardened cutting edges and high leverage joint for easy cutting of soft, medium-hard and hard wire
  • Secure 3-point gripping of flat workpieces
  • The KNIPEX Needle-Nose Combination Pliers are about to become the most used tools in your toolbox. They are ideal for all common installation and repair work that includes gripping, bending, holding, pulling and turning of various workpieces.

Knipex 6 in. Needle-Nose Combo Pliers

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