Transmission Line Disconnects

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Transmission Line Disconnects

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Features and Benefits:

  • Transmission Line Disconnect set (6 per pack) for GM applications
  • Over 400,000 vehicles on the road today need this disconnect tool
  • Used on 2001-current Chevrolet Corvettes with 4L60E transmissions
  • Used on Cadillac CTS & STS with 5L40E transmission
  • Used on Pontiac Solstice & Saturn Sky with 5L40E transmission
  • Transmission Line Disconnect set for Cadillac CTS/Chevrolet Corvette Disconnects. Applications include:2001 to current Chevrolet Corvettes with the 4L60E transmission.2003 to current Cadillac CTS with the 5L40E transmission.2004 to current Cadillac STS with the 5L40E transmission.2005 to current Pontiac Solstice with the 5L40E transmission.2006 to current Saturn Sky with the 5L40E transmission.Over 400,000 vehicles on the road need this disconnect.

Transmission Line Disconnects

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